List of ways to trigger your commands

  • You can use this web page of course, but don't stop there. Check out this list of ways to run your commands on your computers.

    The Smart Home version of the Alexa skill and Google Assistant action do the best job of matching your spoken words to your commands.

    Smart Home voice assistant skills (Example: "Hey Google, turn on calculator") <--Recommended

    Original voice assistant skills (Example: "Alexa, ask TRIGGERcmd to run calculator"):

    Progressive Web App

    Mobile apps:

    • Android Google Play Store: TRIGGERcmd Widgets - Tap widgets on your phone's home screen to run your commands.
    • Android Google Play Store: TRIGGERcmd - It's just like the website but doesn't support Google authentication, so set a password in your profile if you use Google auth.
    • Android Amazon App Store: TRIGGERcmd - set a password in your profile if you use Facebook, Twitter, or Google auth.
    • iOS: TRIGGERcmd - set a password in your profile if you use Facebook, Twitter, or Google auth.

    Run your commands when things happen in other Internet services:

    • Zapier - create a "Zap" that runs your command when something happens on one of their 1500+ supported apps.
    • Integromat - create "scenarios" that run commands on your computers.
    • IFTTT - If This Then run a command.
    • Microsoft Power Automate (aka Flow) - run commands when things happen in Office 365 and other services.

    IoT Smart Home hubs:

    • Samsung SmartThings - Create virtual switches for each command, then flip the switches to run them.
    • Homey - Use the ‘run command’ flow action.
    • Hubitat - Trigger a command like you'd flip a switch.
    • Node-RED - Run commands using an "http request".
    • Home Assistant - Use a "RESTful command" to run your TRIGGERcmd command.
    • HomeKit - Use the homebridge-http-switch plugin with a bookmark URL.

    Other cool stuff:

    • Bookmarks - Create and share URL's that run your commands without authentication. You can set an optional timeout to make bookmark URL's expire. People can also scan your bookmark's QR code to run the command.
    • Paywall URL's - Similar to bookmark URL's, you can also charge people via Paypal to run your commands.
    • REST API - Use curl or other client to call the TRIGGERcmd API.
    • tcmd - Command line tool written in Go.
    • Tasker - Tasker is an Android app for automating things with your phone.
    • Slack app - Run your commands with Slack "slash" commands.
    • Powershell - Run a command on a computer across the Internet from your powershell script.

  • Is there a way to use TRIGGERcmd Smart Home in the UK? It says available for Amazon US only.

  • @kuldiin, man, I'm so glad you asked. I didn't think I could add UK english yet, but I just checked and I can. I'll submit it for approval today, so hopefully it will be available in the UK this week.

  • @russ

    Thank you. Will let you know when it appears :)

  • @kuldiin, I got an email that Amazon approved it for UK (and CA, IN, AU). If you like it, please rate it :).
    I think the Alexa TRIGGERcmd Smart Home skill is one of the best ways to use TRIGGERcmd because it recognizes your words so well, and you only have to say, "turn on X."

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