New Bookmark option for each trigger

  • Now you can trigger your commands without logging in - strait from an icon on your mobile desktop.

    1. Click the red Bookmark button.

    2. Add a Bookmark (aka Favorite), or select "Add to Home screen", or "Share..." to save the URL. Close the browser tab or navigate away before you test it.

    3. Use the URL to trigger your commands quickly without logging in.

    EDIT 11/7/18: Now you can &params=foo to the end of your bookmark URL to send foo as a parameter. This assumes you've enabled parameters on your command of course.

    EDIT 2/26/20: Now you can scan the bookmark's QR code to run the command.

  • Just found this topic. I love this! The idea of me being away from my home and my trusted friend who is also my neighbor being able to turn my outside lights on/off and a few other things so easily is awesome! I suppose it would also only be right to share a link with my girlfriend to turn my outside lights on for her also. I suppose if relationship went south in a bad way I would just have to rebuild the trigger to remove her control?

  • @tim-s, that's right - you could even just change the trigger name and change it back, and it would invalidate the bookmark URL.

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