Charge people to run your commands with the new Paywall feature

  • Now you can charge people via Paypal to run your commands. Here's how:

    • Log into Paypal
    • Go here and create a Buy Now button in your Paypal account with the price your payers will pay to run your command.
    • Copy the button ID from your Buy Now button. You'll need that for the Paywall configuration.
    • Go here and set your IPN Notification URL to


    • Click the Paywall button for the command you want to charge for.
    • Paste the button ID in the Paypal button ID field.
    • Write a message to your payers, like "To open this gate, you'll need to pay $5"
    • Click "Regenerate Paywall URL"
    • Copy the URL from your browser to give to payers, and/or copy the QR code they can scan for the same URL.

    Your payers will see a page like this, and when they pay, your command will run.

    Similar to bookmark URL's, to disable Paywall URL's, just rename or delete your command.

    I posted a video of the process here:

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