How to run commands from Home Assistant

  • Home Assistant (aka is a popular automation system sort of like SmartThings but it's open source.

    Here's how you trigger commands on your computers from Home Assistant using a RESTful Command.

    Add this to the end of your configuration.yaml file:

        url: ''
        method: "post"
        content_type: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
        payload: "trigger=calculator&computer=russfam&token=(your token from Instructions page)"

    You can test it by clicking the little cell phone icon in the lower left under Developer tools, then select rest_command.triggercmd_calculator in the Service field, then click CALL SERVICE. This is what it should look like:

    TRIGGERcmd with Home Assistant

    I installed Home Assistant on my QNAP nas as a Docker container. If you do that, I recommend these two settings:

    1. Create a folder you have access to, and mount it as /config in your container. That will give you easy access to the configuration files, and when you upgrade the container, you can re-mount this folder to /config.
    2. Use HOST networking, so you can access Home Assistant at a URL like http://nas:8123.

  • I can get the commands to be executed by Alexa, but when I try to make the call directly through the Home Assistant, I get the error: Status Code 400

    Does the call syntax remain the same?

  • @rafastanger, that should still work, but you can also use this "get" method below. One thing to note - your trigger and computer values can be different from your voice words you'd use with Alexa.

        url: ' token)'
        method: "get"

  • Is it possible to pass arguments via this method?

  • @blizzrdof77, good question. Yes, you can add this to your URL or payload to pass parameters:


    You can use a space or %20 between parameters if you have multiple parameters to pass, like this:


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