Now you can use Zapier to trigger your commands!

  • Zapier is a lot like IFTTT and Stringify. It lets you run commands when things happen.

    This video shows how to use Zapier with TRIGGERcmd:

    The Zapier -> TRIGGERcmd integration is a full integration, so you don't have to craft an https URL and paste your token into the body like with some of the other integrations.

    EDIT 9/15/18: Now that the TRIGGERcmd Zapier integration is in Beta, you no longer have to use this invite-only link. You can just search for it in the Zapier integration list.
    So far it's invite-only with this link:

    You can also pass parameters to your commands from Zapier.

    Zapier also includes a scheduler, so you could use it to trigger commands on a schedule.

    If you get an error when you pull down your list of commands, the problem is likely that you've connected your TRIGGERcmd account multiple times, and you're not using the latest connection. Open the "Connected Accounts" tab and delete any old TRIGGERcmd accounts to avoid that problem.

  • My only Zap has been failing for the past few weeks, with this error: " returned (502) Bad Gateway and said nothing"

    Any tips on fixing it?

  • @Christian-Robinson, it was my fault. I broke your Zap when I added parameter support and changed Zapier to send the name of the computer and command instead of the ID of both. You, myself, and a friend from work were my only Zapier users at the time, and I forgot to tell you you'll need to re-create your Zap. I'm sorry Christian. Let me know if it's a big pain to recreate your zap for some reason - I could make your Zap(s) work if necessary.

  • @Russ Not a problem. I wondered if it was something like that, but my attempts to fix it didn't involve recreating the Zap. It was easy to rebuild it from scratch, and I only have the one (so far). Thank you.

  • Thank you @Christian-Robinson.

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