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  • @Russ , i use arch because i just have to install once as a rolling release , then is just maintain the system . is easy to use , just have what I want installed , and arch has a really good wiki , that's make your live easier .

    is a pain in the ass have to install the system every time come out a new debian or fedora or even ubuntu.

    if you have a good backup like timeshift in place , and a package like downgrade if you have a bad update , you just need to roll back the system or downgrade the package... i am using arch and the only problem i had so far was when i format one of my drives in ntfs and i forgot to change the UUID on the fstab lol , system didn t boot i had to boot whit a pen drive and change the fstab to boot again. lol

    I do not use a specific software like photoshop to use windows, and i do not like how Microsoft make us use what they want , is my pc , so i choose what i want on my machine, and virus is other nightmare.... you should know that :)

    if you like linux , you should give a try :)

    and this scrip , you will make a proper arch installation,like archwiki tells you to do, but save you to time write all the commands , and you can not miss a step lol is very easy miss a step .....

    i am testing other linux bases on my http machine to use kodi , if you start on arch and like, is hard to get out it

  • @Tiago-Mártires, I got it working. Here's an article with the step-by-step instructions:

  • @Russ i don t understand what i did wrong... I will give another try later this week...

    And you could trigger the command after the boot ?

  • @Tiago-Mártires, actually no, I forgot this command:

    systemctl enable triggercmdagent

    I added that to the instructions, so now the triggercmdagent background service is enabled to startup during boot.

    I changed the reboot background command to reboot (the correct command on Arch Linux), and when I triggered that command it rebooted.

    FYI, it didn't work for me at first because I had a path wrong, so one thing that helped me troubleshoot is this command:

    sudo journalctl -u triggercmdagent

    Then press SHIFT-G to jump to the bottom, and you can see any errors the background agent is producing.

    Also, fyi, I noticed I got an email saying my command didn't run even though it rebooted. Apparently it started the reboot process before it got a chance to reply back to the server that it ran the command.

  • It works @Russ thank you so much , i will post a video on some groups with i am on facebook when i have this setup , and i will buy a licence later on , not because i need but to help the development :)

  • @Tiago-Mártires, awesome, thank you!

  • hi, i also use arch linux (manjaro in my case) and i followed all the steps exactly as presented. Triggercmd keeps running in the background but when it's triggered, it doesn't perform the action (at least not in the foreground). I can see the logs in systemctl showing that it was triggered, but the action does not happen (open a program for example).

    Entered I propose a rather simple solution. I'm using a dropdown terminal (in my case guake) to run the triggercmd in the foreground, but in a way that it's hidden.

    For this solution to work completely, you need to create a script that executes this command:

    guake -e "node ~/TRIGGERcmd-Agent/src/agent.js --console" -r "triggercmd" &

    the -r flag is just to rename the guake tab.

    add a sleep 20 a line before the command to ensure that it will run with some delay and avoid any possible problems.

    The script looks like this:

    echo "Iniciando..."
    sleep 20
    guake -e "node ~/TRIGGERcmd-Agent/src/agent.js --console" -r "triggercmd" &

    then you can create a triggercmd-agent.desktop file in .config/autostart.

    inside the file inform this:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=TriggerCMD Agent
    Comment=initialize triggercmd agent
    Exec=sh -c "~/<path_to_script>/<script>.sh"

    done that, when logging in, an instance of guake will be started that executes the command to open the triggercmd, all in a hidden way.

    The main reason for this solution is that, at least for me, running triggercmd in the background doesn't work.

    I'm also developing a CLI to create, edit, list and remove commands in a friendlier way, since in arch linux it's not yet possible to run the triggercmd graphical interface.

    triggercmd command list

    triggercmd command new

  • @Gustavo-Soares, your solution makes sense. Also that TUI (text user interface) is really cool. I hope you publish that.

  • @Russ thank you very much for the feedback, I will publish it, it's already on my GitHub (see here). This week I will document the solution and publish it on PyPI. Your TriggerCMD is amazing, congratulations!

  • Thank you @Gustavo-Soares

  • Hi @Russ, I finish to publish a package on PyPi. Feel free to test and submit your contributions. To access click here.

  • @Gustavo-Soares, sorry it took me so long to try this.

    I just tried to download it with pip and pip3 and it fails with this message:

    pip install triggercmd
    Collecting triggercmd
      Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement triggercmd (from versions: )
    No matching distribution found for triggercmd

    EDIT: That was in Ubuntu Linux, but I tried it in Windows and on my Raspberry Pi and it worked. Very cool.

  • @Russ, strange, a friend of mine uses ubuntu and managed to install normally. I'm going to create a ubuntu virtual machine and try this. Thanks for the feedback.

    [offtopic] I see here that you have a PWA, very nice!! Congratulations, I really liked it.

  • Thanks @Gustavo-Soares, that's the first feedback I've gotten on the PWA. I'm glad you like it.

    How about the new panels option? Do you think that will be useful? I plan to add features, like an option to replace the Trigger button with an On and Off button to send on or off as the parameter.

    BTW, your triggercmd cli tool is really cool. As I get time I plan to test it more and maybe contribute.

  • @Russ I think very nice this resource of panels, I just use this. Could be intersting in cards shape (for example), would be very beatiful and pleasant. I am thinking too that you can create a dashboard, and the data of runs could be showed there in graphics shape

    And if you have more ideas and features for the CLI, feels free open pull requests if possible.

  • @Gustavo-Soares, thanks for the ideas. I agree the interface could be much better, but at least this works for now.

    I'll probably have ideas for your triggercmd cli tool. Again, thanks for doing that.

    I did just find a bug in the tool. I'll open an issue on github, and if I get time soon I can try to fix it too.

    I found that it changes the text when there are special characters like the á. It changed "automático" to this:

        "voice": "autom\u00c3\u00a1tico",

    Also I edited my Notepad command, not the command that got changed.

  • @Russ, very good. I think applying a decode('utf-8') should solve this problem. I really hadn't tried using special characters yet.

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