Unable to access to the aplication

  • @gabi92a, what country are you in?

    I wonder if there's some sort of firewall or proxy server between your computer and the TRIGGERcmd servers that's preventing the token login.

    It's strange though because I looked at the code and it's a pretty straight forward request:

    function tokenLogin(token,callback) {
      // Configure the request
      headers.Authorization = 'Bearer ' + token;
      options.headers = headers;
      options.url = urlprefix + '/api/command/list';
      options.method = 'GET';
      // Start the request
      request(options, function (error, response, body) {
        if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
        } else {
          console.log('Token login failed.');

    I tried your token and it worked for me - it created a computer in your account. I deleted it afterward.

    Also, I removed your token from your post so other people can't create computers in your account, or trigger your commands once you get this working.

  • Im in Spain, Barcelona. I added the application to the firewall rules, but is making the connection in port 80 right?

  • I will try to using a vpn or something like that, and lets see if i have differences with another range of ip

  • @gabi92a, good luck. Do you know if Spain has some sort of country wide firewall? Like China? I doubt it, but I thought I'd ask.

    Also, the agent connects to https://www.triggercmd.com over port 443.

  • Is a bug in the application. I used fiddler for see what is happening in the call, and the application is sending nothing.
    I have the ports unlocked, because if not i cant use the https protocol, and my country dont block anything.

    I think that is something about the language of the computer, that is making a error in the application. You are losing money because that.


  • @gabi92a, that's a good idea. It could be the Spanish language on the computer. If so I'm sure I can solve that because I should be able to reproduce it by switching my computer to Spanish. Thanks for that idea.

    EDIT: I tried it - I installed Spanish language on my Windows 10 box and set my region to Spain. Unfortunately it still works for me.
    Are you using Windows 10?

    BTW, I appreciate you not giving up. I really want to solve this. Like you said, I'm loosing money.

  • @gabi92a, would you be willing to try this? This will run the agent without the GUI. I suspect the bug is in the GUI.

    1. Install NodeJS
    2. Open a cmd prompt
    3. Run this: node %userprofile%\AppData\Local\TRIGGERcmdAgent\app-1.0.21\resources\app\src\agent.js --console

  • @russ Token login failed using the console :(

  • @gabi92a, thank you for testing. That narrows it down. I created a branch with updated dependencies for you to test (if you're willing). I'm hoping this solves the problem.

    • Create a folder on your C: drive
    • Open a cmd window, and cd to that folder.
    • Install git if you don't already have it.
    • Run this:
      git clone -b spain https://github.com/rvmey/TRIGGERcmd-Agent.git
    • cd into the TRIGGERcmd-Agent subfolder.
    • Run this:
      npm install
    • Run this:
      node src\agent.js --console
    • Paste in your token

    If that works, then I believe I can produce a new version that will work on spanish Windows computers.

  • @russ said in Unable to access to the aplication:

    node src\agent.js --console

    Weird error installing: https://gyazo.com/e769546f7621fda85951352a2223a47b

    Result failed inserting the token: https://gyazo.com/8dfc9f27f419c3a100a7078a7cb843eb


  • Thanks @gabi92a, that's helpful, but I should have added some debugging output.

    I added these lines:

      console.log("Response from server:");
      console.log("Error from request:");

    Please try this updated code with these steps:

    • Open a cmd window, and cd to that c:\TRIGGERcmd\TRIGGERcmd-Agent folder.
    • Run this:
      git pull
    • Run this:
      node src\agent.js --console
    • Paste in your token

    Also, it looks like you ran node install.js instead of npm install. What does that do?

  • @russ said in Unable to access to the aplication:

    node src\agent.js --console

    Result: https://gyazo.com/afe127ffd8783f80a4f1e11b09bb4da5

    No, i ran the npm install.


  • Is an error 400, but im not seeing nothing in fiddler, there is no call???? :(

  • @gabi92a, I found out why Fiddler wasn't working. For NodeJS apps like the TRIGGERcmd agent, you have to set these environment variables before you run the node src\agent.js --console command:

    set https_proxy=
    set http_proxy=

    That tells the NodeJS app to use Fiddler as a proxy server.
    I found that here: https://weblogs.asp.net/dixin/use-fiddler-with-node-js

    Can you try that? Maybe that will give us a clue.

    Also, you could try running it after setting this variable to get a bunch of debug output:

    set NODE_DEBUG=*

    One thing you should know - the agent uses a websocket to connect to the server, and that connection doesn't use the https_proxy variable so Fiddler won't pick that up. The request that's giving us this error doesn't use websockets though, so that shouldn't matter for this troubleshooting.

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