Error in Smartthings

  • My Commands stop working (I am using them through Smartthings) I think after the last update, so I went in the ST smartapp tocheck them and I can't seem to save. How should I proceed in fixing this?

    ![alt text]0_1562569813811_Screenshot_20190708-090743_SmartThings.jpg

  • administrators

    @sulisenator, can you try these things?

    • Un-select all of our commands from your TRIGGERcmd SmartApp - hopefully it will let you save the page after that.
    • Manually remove any TRIGGERcmd switches the SmartApp may have left because they're associated with other SmartApps, or used in a Routine or something. You'll find the Remove button under the gear under the switch.
    • Go back into the TRIGGERcmd SmartApp and re-add the switches you want.

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