How to set up a "Movie Time" flow with Trigger Cmd?

  • Hi I am trying to figure out a way to use Trigger Cmd to do something that seems pretty logical, although currently there doesn't seem to be an easy/straightforward way to do it. Essentially I want to set up an automated flow to dim/turn off the main (Philips Hue) lights in my living room, turn on the cinema/mood lights, change the colour of these lights to a nice orange/red shade, set the brightness of these lights to 25%, turn on my TV, turn on my AV system (both via a Logitech Harmony bridge) and then finally (and the most relevant part for you guys) launch my Netflix (or other prefered media viewing app) via Trigger Cmd on my PC. I then want to have a shortcut in Google Home Control, simply titled 'Movie Time' to make all of this magic happen.

    However so far I've been successful right up until this last step. This has all been done via Stringify (although I'm familiar with IFTTT too.) But right now I can't find a 'Thing' in Strignify (or an equivalent option in IFTTT) that will allow me to execute this last option in this string of commands?

    Right now I can launch my Netflix app by issuing a Google Home shortcut command I made, via my Google home mini speaker and Google assistant (and Trigger Command) by simply saying 'OK Google, open Netflix'. This works fine. I can also execute the command no problem via the trigger Cmd web site. But I can't for the life of me work out how to add this to my Stringify 'Movie Time' flow?

    It would seem like a natural and logical chain of events, to have one's lights dimmed, then have the mood lights set to an appropriate colour and brightness, have the TV and AV switched on and then have my favorite media consumption app launched on my Media PC (which is connected to my TV).

    Ideally I would like a 'Thing' in Stringify (or some alternate method in IFTTT) that would allow me to execute/send a simple Trigger Cmd command, so that I could even perhaps string several commands together. (Such as Turn turn on the Media PC, launch Netflix (or whatever) and set the volume on the Media PC to 85%.

    So the long and short of it is, can anyone please help me to work out how to do this? Many thanks for all responses in advance and thanks for such a great app. It clearly has a lot of potential. :)

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    @jebus-jones, that will be really cool. I hope you'll do a video showing it off when you get it working.

    Right now it's unclear to me whether you've gotten Stringify to talk to TRIGGERcmd yet. Have you seen this article or this article?

    You should be able to add a "Connect: Maker" thing and select "Send an HTTP POST" and use a URL like this:

    Now that last scenario, where you're turning on your Media PC, waiting for it to boot, then launching Netflix - that's trickier because you'll need another computer to turn on your Media PC, then you'll need to wait for it to boot, then trigger the next command. Do you have a Raspberry Pi or something on your network? I boot my computer using my Raspberry Pi because it's always on so I can open my garage with it.

    Assuming you have Raspberry Pi, you could have it run a bash script that runs wakeonlan to boot the PC, then loops until it gets a successful ping, then runs a curl command to trigger Netflix on the PC.

    First thing's first - please tell me if you've gotten Stringify talking to TRIGGERcmd yet.

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