Open Reddit posts via Stringify and TRIGGERcmd

  • Stringify is sortof like IFTTT because you can connect services like Reddit, Facebook, TRIGGERcmd etc, but you can do all sorts of fancy conditionals too.

    It's a nice way to run commands on your computers via TRIGGERcmd, especially now that you can pass parameters to your commands.

    This example automatically opens any new Reddit posts about TRIGGERcmd in Chrome.

    Add this to your commands:
    Reddit TRIGGERcmd command

    The full command will end up as:

    start chrome

    These are the steps to setup Stringify to open new Reddit posts about TRIGGERcmd in Chrome:

    • Download the Stringify app to your phone and setup a Stringify account.
    • Under the Things tab, tap the +
    • Select "Add a new thing"
    • Select "Connect: Maker" and tap Connect
    • Select "Reddit" and tap Connect
    • Under the Flows tab, tap the +
    • Select "Create a new flow"
    • Tap the +
    • Select Reddit and Connect: Maker
    • Tap Add
    • Drag Reddit to the middle-left circle
    • Drag Connect: Maker to the middle-right circle
    • Drag Reddit to the right, on top of Connect: Maker (it should make a yellow connection)
    • Tap Reddit and select "New post from search"
    • Type in TRIGGERcmd and tap Save
    • Tap Connect: Maker and select "Send an HTTP POST"
    • Fill out the form like the screenshots below, and tap Save
    • Tap "Name your flow" at the top of the screen
    • Give your flow a name and tap DONE
    • Tap Enable Flow
    • Post on Reddit about TRIGGERcmd
    • Wait for your batch file to run with the Reddit post URL as a parameter. (for me it took about 1 hour)

    If you want a quick test, try connecting a Button up to your Connect: Maker. It will give you instant results, but it won't pass a URL as a parameter like Reddit will.

    Another way to get immediate results is this example.

    The TRIGGERcmd Stringify API URL format is like this:

    Tap the + to add a flow:
    Stringify to TRIGGERcmd list

    Add Reddit and Connect: Maker, and change the name:
    Reddit to TRIGGERcmd

    The URL format is like this:

    Change Data to "Form data".

    Stringify TRIGGERcmd api Chrome

    Fill in your token and params fields:

    Stringify TRIGGERcmd token parameters

    Or if you want to also log the URL's to a file before opening them in Chrome, you could run a batch file like this instead of running Chrome directly:

    echo %1 >> d:\tools\reddit.log
    start chrome %1

    EDIT: This article works as an example of how to use Stringify, but I found that Stringify keeps finding the same Reddit article every hour, so I ended up with a ton of Chrome browser tabs open to the same article. I think when Chrome visits the article, it changes it (one additional view), so Stringify finds it again.

  • @Russ This is awesome! I know what I am setting up today :)

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