Basic cleanup

  • Runs the built-in Windows Cleanmgr using its defaults.

    "trigger": "Clean up",
    "command": "cleanmgr /sagerun:1",
    "ground": "foreground",
    "voice": "Clean up",
    "allowParams": "false"

  • Great idea @Xander-Warrender! I added this to the examples list in the GUI editor.

    Here's a URL to cleanmgr docs:

    cleanmgr = Automated cleanup of Temp files, Internet files, downloaded files, recycle bin.

    Run this to bring up the GUI and setup profile #1:

    cleanmgr /sageset:1

    This command runs profile #1:

    cleanmgr /sagerun:1

    This is what the GUI looks like:

    cleanmgr image

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