Pass variable (parameters) to powershell?

  • I'm trying to pass a variable (a link) to a powershell script, but when I enable parameters, the script doesn't run. It runs if I call the script without parameters. And how is the variable captured in powershell? Thanks.

  • @ef3h37b6, I did a test and it worked for me.

    I used this powershell script, saved as d:\tools\urltest.ps1, and made a TRIGGERcmd command with powershell d:\tools\urltest.ps1 as the Command field and with Allow Parameters set to true.

    param (
    start $URL

    I used the website's orange Parameters button to send it a URL as a parameter, like this:


    It opened in my default browser, as it should.

    Please tell me more about what you've tried that's not working.

  • Awesome, got it working. Thank you.

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