Alexa Skill not available in the UK?

  • Just signed up for triggercmd, so there's every possibility I'm missing something obvious, but I can't search for triggercmd on the UK Alexa skills store, either from within the alexa app or on the Amazon site.

    When I find it on the US site it says my Echo is registered to the UK and redirects me to the UK Skills store, where the only result for triggercmd is the Android app, is there some form of geoblocking in place on the skill?

  • Stefan, thank you so much for telling me!

    I didn't intentionally geoblock the UK, but I think I know what's wrong. I just submitted an update to the Alexa skill that will likely solve it. It might take Amazon a couple days to approve it.

    EDIT: The modified TRIGGERcmd Alexa Skill is now live. It should work in the UK now. @Stefan-Green , will you please test it and let me know if it works for you?

    EDIT2: I just noticed on this page:

    English (UK) and German skills do not support AMAZON.LITERAL and cannot use the AMAZON.LITERAL slot type

    I used the AMAZON.LITERAL slot type because it works perfectly for TRIGGERcmd. Amazon doesn't allow developers to use it anymore though which I discovered when I tried to setup a second skill with "TRIGGER command" as the Invocation name.

    Anyway, if you still can't see the skill on the UK skills listing, that's probably why.

    Stay tuned. I'm working on it. If I can get the custom slot type to pass certification, we should be good. It works fine, but it's failing certification because, as is recommended here, if you want to accept any random word, you have to add a lot of random words in your slot, but then their certification testing tries to use all those words. So I'll probably have to create a test account for them that has computers and triggers with all of those words in the voice fields.

  • Hi Russ,

    Thanks for putting the effort in on this, I know the possible UK userbase is probably not proportional to the effort involved in making it work!

    I decided to wait a few days for the new version but there's still nothing on the UK Skills store for Triggercmd as yet. Seems like a weirdly specific caveat on the Amazon UK/German side, probably due to local data protection laws.

    Hope you can make some progress on it, I'm happy to do testing if you need it (Shame you can't sideload skills, UK alexa users are always screwed :P)

  • Adding my +1 for that UK userbase :) I know it's not much but I'll subscribe and spread the word, this fills a bit gap in the Alexa ecosystem!

  • Ok, I just submitted the new "TRIGGER command" skill that should work in the UK. I'll post again when they approve it.

    EDIT: I just got the email that it passed certification.
    EDIT2: I finally just realized what that problem was. I didn't enable the English UK language! :blush: I feel pretty stupid, but I think that's the last thing I was missing. Thank you for your patience. Probably just 1 or 2 more days until it's live in the UK. Maybe I'll add German while I'm at it.

    Based on their URL pattern, I expect it to be here when they finally do add it.

    Just keeping you up-to-date on progress.

  • @dvs and @Stefan-Green, now both skills are available in the UK.

    Take your pick:

    Original TRIGGERcmd skill
    New TRIGGER command skill

  • TRIGGER command tested and confirmed working :) Fantastic work Russ, just got to configure some commands and set it up for my server

  • @Stefan-Green, that's awesome! Thank you for testing!

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