• EventGhost is a popular tool for automation on a Windows PC.

    You can use it to run commands when you press buttons on a IR remote, including remote commands via curl.

    BUT, you can also use it to run your media commands or keyboard emulation commands like:

    EventGhost.exe -e Play
    EventGhost.exe -e Down


  • @Russ

    Hey Russ, I want to control Kodi Media playback or plex media player on windows 10 using event ghost and alexa. How can I achieve this? Please help. Ideally I would like to be able to say Alexa search "movie title" or Alexa play "movie title" along with player command...pause,play,rewind,etc
    Someone had created a beta skill for kodi which I thought it was great but no longer works.
    Also I use hue lights and hue sync app for windows 10 to create the ambilight effect around tv and wanted to know if there is a way to control hue sync/hue bridge with alexa because the only way to stop light syncing is from the hue phone app. The window app does not have an option therefor I cant figure out how to control it via Alexa so I can control everything via voice command. My goal is to be able to set it up where I can say Alexa "movie night" or something and it would start windows, kodi/plex and, hue sync app and even set lights brighter when i pause movie and when i play movie to resume back to sync mode. Sorry I know I threw alot but just trying to get all i one shot lol. Thanks man!!!!

  • @esco0909,

    I learned that there's an official Plex Alexa skill now:

    You could use Alexa routines to tie multiple commands together. If you do that you'll want to use it with the TRIGGERcmd Smart Home skill because Alexa routine support for standard third party skills is still pretty weak (Google Assistant's routines don't have that weakness). Alexa routines should work fine with TRIGGERcmd Smart Home and your Hue bulbs because both show up in the Alexa app under Smart Home.

    I use Plex lately, so did some research on that. I found there's a lot of Plex automation you can do with Python scripts.

    If you don't want to have to say something to the Plex skill, then say something else to to run your routine, you could create a TRIGGERcmd command that runs a Python script that talks to the Plex Server's API. For example for your play "movie title" requirement, you could use the following example I found here.

    # Example 4: Play the movie Cars on another client.
    # Note: Client must be on same network as server.
    cars = plex.library.section('Movies').get('Cars')
    client = plex.client("Michael's iPhone")

    Definately look into this tool for controlling Kodi with TRIGGERcmd commands:
    Or this:

    If you're looking for simple things like play/pause, you don't even need eventghost. You can simulate the space bar with a VBS script like this:

    Dim Wsh
    Set Wsh = Wscript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
    Wsh.SendKeys "{ }"

    Put that in a text file, like d:\tools\space.vbs then create a TRIGGERcmd command that runs:

    wscript d:\tools\space.vbs

    I tested that with Kodi and was able to toggle between Play and Pause just fine.

  • @Russ You are AWESOME!!! Thank you sir!

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