Losing letters in words!

  • I have a server running for over a year pretty much without issues on a raspberry pi

    Recently some of my commands sent, seem to lose letters

    When I say to Google home (like I've always done), "switch on the pool" and saved as a routine with wording "Ask triggercmd to run enable pool on server"

    It can't find that command on the server anymore!
    The reply is: "Could not find a command with voice
    word enable poo on server."

    This is gradually happening to all my commands, don't know where to begin, how do I fix this ???

  • I renamed the trigger to "allow poo" (without the L) and now it works again... weird.This is the trigger:
    {"trigger":"poolon","command":"/home/pool_On","ground":"background","voice":"enable poo","allowParams": "false"},

  • I went into GA routine, and changed the word "pool" with 2x Ls (pooll)

    "Ask triggercmd to run enable pooll on server"

    now it works again... what gives??

  • @atmosphere, I'm thinking Google Assistant's AI is learning bad lessons (for your use case). It apparently thinks it's more likely you said poo than pool now. Your two solutions are good ones - poo is what it thinks you said, and pooll can't be mistaken for anything else.

  • @Atmosphere, I just found out this problem was on my end. There was a bug in my logic that triggered in cases when Google sent the computer word along with the trigger voice word. I'm sorry! Anyway I fixed it, so you might need to switch back to using pool instead of poo or pooll.

    Also, thank you for reporting it. I feel bad that I blamed this on Google when it was my fault.

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