How to use IFTTT with TRIGGERcmd

  • Thanks!! I try it when I get home tonight! Awesome app, BTW...

  • Thank you. Let me know your results please.

  • works. Thanks for the help!

  • Here's another example.

  • This works great when I create a normal IFTTT. I'm having trouble making it work when the IFTTT is created on the platform for private apps with a maker account. with this, you can make multiple steps or "that's" (think IFTTTTTTTTTT). Even if I just create one "that" in the private app, I get an "action failed" on the webhook with triggercmd.. "unable to make web request. Your server returned a 401"
    any ideas or is this an issue with IFTTT?

  • @delkem, I'll give it a try. It should work the same way.

    Method: POST
    Content type: x-www-form-urlencoded
    Body: token=(your token)

    One problem I've had before was I had a space in the body field that I didn't notice. That could cause that error.

  • @Russ Thank You!!! yes, it was a space at the end of the token

  • @delkem, awesome! I'm glad that was it.

  • Hi,

    Am super-lovin' this :) :)

    However, and trying to configure an IFTTT Button Widget to kick-off a webhook to my PC (PC name R1) to run the Reboot in 10 seconds command, but keep getting 401 errors - please help.

    Am at the webhooks config page in IFTTT and entering the following:

    CONTENT TYPE: x-www-form-urlencoded
    BODY: token=XYZ&params=russ.txt

    <obviously <XYZ> is my token ;)

    What am I doing wrong please ?

    Thanks so much,


  • oops - that was for @Russ

  • FYI, for anyone reading, @triggercmddm got it working. He needed to change the trigger name from 'reboot' to 'Reboot in 10 seconds' and he needed to remove '&params=russ.txt' from the body.

    URL: in 10 seconds&computer=R1
    BODY: token=XYZ

  • just for the record and to complete the loop.
    @Russ just IM'd me and resolved the issue.
    Amazing service and phenomenal customer journey :)

    In brief, to reboot/restart your Windows 10 PC from an iOS Home Screen button click, do the following:

    1. Install TriggerCMD Agent
    2. Sign up/in to IFTTT
    3. For the If bit: select Button Widget
    4. For the Then bit: select webhooks and enter the following:
      i. URL: in 10 seconds&computer=R1
      ii. METHOD: POST
      iii. CONTENT TYPE: x-www-form-urlencoded
      iv. BODY: token=XYZ

    There are spaces in "Reboot in 10 seconds"
    My computer name is "R1"
    <obviously <XYZ> is my token

    To add the button widget to your iOS home screen:

    1. Tap the share icon (square with the up arrow)
    2. Tap "Add to Home Screen"
    3. Tap "Add"
    4. Enjoy :)

  • I know this is an old post, but I wanted to share what I intent to do in order to illustrate what can be done with a very practical example.
    I have a set of surveillance cameras. Some are indoor, some are outside. My associated software is iSpy. I also have a security system that only allows to get notifications via emails, as the Cie has its own proprietary surveillance system, at a different cost than mine (^_^). I want shut down the indoor and backyard cameras when I am in house, and turn them back on when I leave, or sleep, using the notification eMail. So, I plan on…

     Create 2 tasks conditions in IFTTT, for “Off” & “On”.
     Use <if><gmail> with proper filter on sender and subject), using respectively the words”Disarmed” & “Armed”.
     Use your method to trigger a batch commands to iSpy, that may look like this:
    URL: ispy.exe "recordstop.alarmset"&computer=MyPC
    ... where alarmset is the set of cameras to stop in this case.
    I will keep you posted of the outcome.

  • @rpondevie, good luck. That's a cool project. I suggest you make your IFTTT URL something like this:

    Then make a command with these values:

    • Trigger = ispy
    • Command = c:\program files\ispy\ispy.exe (probably a different path)
    • Allow Parameters = true

  • @Russ how would I run it with multiple parameters I am trying to make a program where it moves the mouse with powershell when I run from the triggercmd website with parameters it run but when I run it like that my parameters do not pass threw only one does{{TextField}},{{NumberField}} 

  • @spotandjake-100, you can pass multiple parameters by separating them with a space, or a %20, so like this:{{TextField}}%20{{NumberField}}

  • does the IFTTT webhook method work with a free account or only with subscription?
    I tested with this comment without succes
    method = POST
    Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    with PC being the name of my computer as registered in my profile.

  • @koen-van-lent, it should work with a free account too, but only 1 per minute of course.

    Do you have token=(your token from Instructions page) in the body?

  • Yuppie, this works so well thank you for the article. I did a simple google assistace IFTTT applet to put my mac to sleep.

  • @Mittal-Makwana, nice, what command does that?

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