Could I request another example of using IFTTT to call triggercmd?

  • Here is an example that was posted regarding this issue.

    I have a Google Home Mini and only 1 computer called "PVR".
    I have successfully created multiple commands that work great through the mini. The 2 problems with this setup are the amount of yappin' that takes place every time I request an action AND the fact that only my voice can activate the commands. Google tells me that IFTTT does not require voice matching, so anybody can execute the commands and I believe I have complete control over the Mini's yappin'.

    As a result, I want to transform all of my commands to be mini->IFTTT->triggercmd rather than mini->triggercmd.

    Here are my specifics:
    token=1234 (example)
    Command Name=Pause DVD
    Voice Command=DVD Pause

    Russ, could you recreate the example cited above using my specifics?

  • @rbmcgee, your IFTTT Webhook should make a web request with method POST to: DVD&computer=PVR

    You can use a space or a %20 between the word Pause and DVD.

    It should look like this:


  • Thanks Russ. Will give it a go this weekend, but I think I've got it.

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