Autohotkey script for Play, Pause, Volume Up/Down, Next/Previous

  • Russ,

    Great news - A simple search of AHK and RDP turned up others having the same issue. I'll find a workaround, for sure, and thanks again FOR AN AWESOME PRODUCT!!

    Your solution is a best kept secret!!! Get the word out!! You have truly taken a great idea and developed nice add-on components that make if very usable (example, the Alexa piece is simple and cool, plus your subscription model - nice).

    So, again, thanks and great work. I will figure this out.

    And if you ever compile your code for Win7 32bit I would be glad to test. The GUI would be nice, but it works great as-is.


    Link to AHT and RDP issue:

  • Thank you @drosenth. I'll take any help I can get spreading the word.

  • Hi Russ, thanks for this.

    I spent the last 5 hours setting up AHK commands for Kodi control and now I'm curious about backing up my triggers.

    On a Windows machine, does backing up the AppData folder suffice?

    If I reformat my PC or accidentally remove a trigger, will the triggers be saved in the cloud? Is there a way to make a backup of them? I created 120 of them and I really don't want to have to do that all again should the worst happen haha.


  • @username6, good question. You take a copy of commands.json in the .triggercmddata folder in your profile folder (c:\users\username\.triggercmddata).

  • Hey Russ,

    I have been having trouble with this. I tried getting the directory right but it either cant find the file without using "" or it just opens a CMD with the directory as the title and does not execute code.

    Does the directory have to use \ before the media.ahk and can this be in another directory separate from the C:Drive?

    I am new to this program and cant seem to get the AHK scripts working yet.

  • @concretesurfer, this might be the issue:

    When I wrote "start C:\\autohotkeyscripts\\media.ahk stop" above, the context was the commands.json file, but if you're using the GUI Editor, you can skip the double \\'s.

    Just use "start C:\autohotkeyscripts\media.ahk stop" in the GUI Editor.

    Or "start G:\autohotkeyscripts\media.ahk stop", if you're using the G: drive.

  • @russ It works now! It must have been the spaces in my directory.

  • @concretesurfer, awesome. Yea if you have spaces you need quotes around your path.

  • First off, I apologize for any stupid things I may say I'm a noob to such things. I'm just trying to learn new and different ways I can control things with Alexa :)

    I got autohotkey, made the script and made sure all commands are linked to the correct script. It didn't do anything even when I'd trigger it manually. I tried running the script and it just gives me an error "Target label does not exist" for "Gosub, %1%.

    Did I miss something or do it wrong?

  • @sailoreffinmoon, I get that "Target label does not exist" for "Gosub, %1%." error if I run the ahk script with no parameter.

    So maybe you just need to add one of the parameters, like mute to the command line.

    Example command:

    start C:\autohotkeyscripts\media.ahk mute

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