Control Computer RGB lighting

  • I recently built a new computer and included Corsair RGB lighting fans and LED strips in the computer. While it's really cool to look at, I have set up a "quiet" profile where I disable all the lights for night time so my office doesn't look like a rave while I'm sleeping. Since Corsair Link doesn't seem to have any kind of API, I used TinyTask to record mouse movement macros setting the lighting to various profiles from the system tray icon. TinyTask allows me to save these as EXEs, which I then incorporated into triggerCMD. I set up shortcuts in Google Assistant for "Turn off PC lights" or "Change Corsair Profile to Neon Blue" and now I can control my computer's RGB lighting with my voice, turning them off when I go to bed or changing the lighting scheme!

  • @michael-sacco, that is awesome! I love that.

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