My command to open Windows Media Player

  • I just thought I'd share this. This is the .vbs file I use, just like the batch files, to trigger Windows Media Player. I'm running Windows 10. On my machine it opens the player in the smaller display window and immediately starts playing my playlist called "Seventies Music" so you'll have to change that name to one of your own playlists. And of course instead of ending the filename in .bat it'd be .vbs

    Set objPlayer = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX" )

    Set objPlaylists = objPlayer.MediaCollection
    Set objAll = objPlaylists.getByName("Seventies Music")
    Set objList = objAll.Item(0)


    And when I'm done listening I trigger WMP to close with the simple task kill batch file written

    taskkill /im wmplayer.exe

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