where do I type code and what goes in the command section of GUI cmd editor

  • I got an Alexa for Christmas and I ended up using TRIGGERcmd for a few things. I've watched most of the videos and I have the full version. I can get some of the commands I created to works, but not all of them. I keep seeing things I want to do but it involves using code. Where do I type this code? I run command prompt as Admin but I cant get the code to work, I even tried copy and pasting said code.

    I'm also not sure how TRIGGERcmd works, so I don't know how much of the line of code to use in the command section of the GUI editor. And some of the Example commands wont work. I get a prompt that says "this app cant run on your PC" (this typically happens when I try to lock my pc with TRIGGERcmd

  • @Carter-Brewer, good question. TRIGGERcmd runs a command on your computer. That command can run a script or program you've written with code. These are some common types of code, and an example command to run them:

    Batch script - built into Windows: c:\scripts\mybatchfile.bat
    Powershell script - built into Windows: powershell -file c:\scripts\emailmydocs.ps1
    Visual Basic script - built into Windows: cscript c:\scripts\myscript.vbs
    AutoIT - requires a download: c:\scripts\mycompiledscript.exe
    Python script - requires a download: python c:\scripts\test.py

    Try this:
    Create a c:\scripts folder, open Notepad, and copy/paste the two lines below into it, then save it in your c:\scripts folder as OpenGoogle.bat.

    timeout 10
    start www.google.com

    Then create a TRIGGERcmd command like this:


    It's a simple example batch script that will open Google 10 seconds after you run it.

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