@Trey-Chance, this is the basic speech formula to use the TC conversational Alexa skill:

Alexa, ask TC to run notepad with parameter X.

So in your case it would be something like this:

Alexa, ask TC to run Play Media with parameter Seinfeld on Shield.

BUT, I want to caution you that the conversational skills don't match your words to your commands as well as the Smart Home skill, so if you can somehow do what you want using the TRIGGERcmd Smart Home skill, I recommend it.

The Smart Home skill can pass on or off but it can also pass number from 1 to 100, so in your case you could create a command with voice word "Livingroom," and enable parameters, then say, "Alexa, Livingroom 10" or "Alexa, Livingroom 20" and script would use a numbered list of media to play the right media on your Livingroom shield device.