@Marcos-Raldes, sorry you're right - I see that now. I'm still not sure why the TRIGGERcmd devices don't show up in Home app as a routine (aka Automation) starter option, but you can create routines that work with TRIGGERcmd using Google's script editor, then after it's created you can edit it in the Home app.

I made this video to demonstrate it: https://youtu.be/aP3FAuh291s

Here's my test routine that works for me:


The editor makes it easy to select your devices. You just start typing the name and it brings up a list of your devices that contain those letters.


Your TRIGGERcmd commands will only show up as Google devices if they have the voice field filled in. The computer also needs the voice field filled in, unless it's your default computer (set in your profile).

You'll also need to add your command's Google device to a home and a room before it will work. Long-press the device, then tap the gear in the upper-right, then tap Home (Add to a home).


Notice you specify whether the routine should run when the TRIGGERcmd device is flipped on or off. That's different from Alexa where triggering a command is like a doorbell press that runs the routine.

The state defaults to on unless you send off as the parameter, so you can run Google routines without having to send a parameter when you trigger your commands.

You can also create a routine (aka Automation) that triggers a command. You can use TRIGGERcmd device as a starter or an action but either way, you have to use the script editor to create the routine, not the Google Home app on your phone.