Has anyone tried TRIGGERcmd for Windows Key + Tab?

  • Wondering if anyone has tried using TRIGGERcmd to simulate the Windows Key and Tab to get to the taskview, or Alt Tab to switch between screens.. I've had a quick look around and cant seem to find anything that makes sense to implement, and I'm not too good on windows scripting.

    This is to allow for voice commands from Alexa to PC while riding an indoor trainer and switching between Zwift and a media server/Youtube etc

    Noting the commands appear to only be Voice capable if a foreground trigger...



  • All good, found a way kinda... using AutoHotKey, and a script then putting this into the TRIGGERcmd
    "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe" c:\temp\sendwt.ahk

    the script in question is just this
    Send #{Tab}

    So now I can use Alexa to jump me to the taskview and back.

    AutoHotKey is here btw..

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    Awesome @Brandon, nice job.

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