Alexa frustration? "Cannot find that IFTTT trigger"...

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    If Alexa gets confused when you say, "Alexa, tell TRIGGERcmd to run Calculator on Laptop", then try asking her instead of telling her.

    Say this instead:

    • Alexa, ask TRIGGERcmd to run Calculator on Laptop.

    Not only is it more polite, it works better.

    Also, "Alexa, open TRIGGERcmd" works better than "Alexa, talk to TRIGGERcmd."

    Another tip: If you have a SmartThings hub you can assign virtual switches to your commands, then say, "Alexa, turn on Calculator". This is likely to work much better for German and UK users due to Amazon only allowing AMAZON.LITERAL slots in US skills.

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