Alexa invocation and SmartThings switch questions

  • This rocks! I am totally launching games like this. "Alexa, Turn on Rocket League". It will also be great for when I rage quit "ALEXA, TURN OFF ROCKET LEAGUE!"

  • @Russ STOP CODING!! IT WORKS HOW I WANT ALREADY :) @Neflhiem will like this as well because he can now just speak the name of the switch (without saying anything before it) <--- In here:
    I just deleted my computer name (made it blank) and the voice name blank (I had to put one in space-bar to allow it to save) .

  • What am I doing wrong? I am trying to make a .bat file to turn on and off my x-10 lamps... I kinda have no clue how to set up parameters... I just tried to copy you. :) 0_1507784819049_Param.jpg

  • @Nate-Hales, your batch file needs == where you have Front Room Lamps

    if "%1"=="on" curl http://.....%%22A6%%20off%%22
    if "%1"=="off" curl http://.....%%22A6%%20off%%22

    Sorry I was lazy and didn't want to type your full URL but I think you know what I mean. The double % signs are to "escape" your % signs so the batch file parser doesn't think %2 is your second parameter.

  • @Nate-Hales, I see what you mean, but there are people with multiple computers (like me) who need to have a actual computer names (not space) to distinguish them.

    I think I like your original idea - to leave the computer name out of the virtual switch name if it's your default computer.

    I'm glad you have a work-around in the meantime. I might not have time to finish this change until this weekend. We'll see. I'm eager to get it done.

  • wow... well i know what ill be doing tonight when i get in! this looks great @Russ ! Im not good with command line stuff but this looks simple enough to figure out. With all the conversation here it looks like i can pretty much set up everything to work perfectly.. So glad i dropped in to figure this out.. You rock.

  • Thanks @Neflhiem!

    BTW, now the virtual SmartThings switches for your default computer are named without your computer name. The switches for your non-default computer still have the computer name prefix.

    Next I'd like to make it so if you only have one computer, then it's automatically your default computer. I should have done that a long time ago.

  • Got it up and running. Man.. this is friggin perfect. Seriously.. perfect.

  • @Neflhiem, I'm glad you got it working. I like how it turned out too. Thanks again for your questions - I wouldn't have thought to implement this if you hadn't asked.

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