Is IFTTT broken?

  • Hey there, thanks for stopping by!
    I'm trying to create an applet that allows me to "turn off the computer in # seconds" and everything works except for the final step where I'm meant to name it and click finish. I get two very strange errors that seem to mean nothing.
    Screenshot (24).png
    I've reported the issue to IFTTT but I thought I should post it here as well just in case they say its an issue with TRIGGERcmd.

  • @RAFFY, I'm finding I get the same error when I try to create an IFTTT applet. I confirmed I haven't changed any code on my end. I'm looking into it. Thank you for reporting this problem!

    EDIT: I got a response from IFTTT that wasn't very helpful. I sent them another email and I'm still waiting.
    Basically, right now you can't create new IFTTT applets that use ingredients in the params field.

    For now, you could use the old Webhooks method.

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