Use SmartThings, Stringify and TRIGGERcmd to log when your doors open

  • If you want to try Stringify and don't want to wait an hour for Stringify to notice your Reddit post, here's a use case that gives instant results.

    My c:\tools\Logger.bat file looks like this:

    echo %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 >> c:\tools\Logger.log

    My c:\tools\Logger.log file looks like this:

    Front Door Sep 4th 11:19 AM 
    Front Door Sep 4th 11:19 AM 
    Back Slider Sep 4th 11:34 AM 
    Door to Garage Sep 4th 11:34 
    Front Door Sep 4th 11:34 AM 

    Create a new flow that looks like this:
    Open Door Logger Stringify Setup TRIGGERcmd

    Configure "Connect: Maker" like this screenshot and a URL like this: computer name)

    Open Door Logger Stringify Form TRIGGERcmd

    When you add your parameters to Field 2 VALUE, select ALL of your Open/Close sensor data like this:

    Select All Sensors TRIGGERcmd SmartThings Stringify

    Enjoy your new flow:

    TRIGGERcmd Open Door Logger SmartThings Stringify

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