Feature request: support for Integromat, another automation service

  • I know there's a official IFTTT service as well as a Zapier command now. So, there's a 3rd automation tool I wanna try to have it support, called Integromat. Integromat, unlike IFTTT and Zapier, is what I call the 'swiss army knife' of automation services, and it includes more functionality triggers and actions neither services can combine. For instance, Integromat has a Airtable app that has more triggers, actions, and a search trigger that IFTTT and Zapier doesn't have. And if like....say....a table is updated (making it up), Integromat sees the update, and takes the data and brings it into TriggerCMD to make a alert or append a existing .txt file.

    It even comes with a developer section that you can make your own app for free. Although Integromat does have HTTP POST feature, I would prefer having a streamlined integration with Integromat rather than writing a looooong URL with keys, commands, and paramaters (if any).

  • @mikey186, thank you for this idea. I definately want to add an integration for Integromat. I didn't even know about it until now, so again, thank you for this feature request. It's on my todo list.

    EDIT: Correction, I see I have heard of Integromat. I just forgot about it. Anyway, I created an integration but it's in review for now. You can try it out using this URL:


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