• has a good idea with their agent\app on the and even better on the Android but with the flexibility of your solution and your automation focus, you would be a much more attractive all round management platform.

    @Russ said in HTTP POST:
    If you enable that feature on the agent itself rather than in the cloud, it would be secure by default. I'm thinking it should be a boolean flag on each command which would default to false, and like you said, the GUI should warn the user about turning it on.

    Yes this arguments functionality could work well at the time of agent deployment and it does sure up the security with the functionality being disabled by default and only enabled on a task by task basis on the agent. Maybe the warning should also point the user to an article online that helps them to understand the vulnerability they would be opening up. A boolean flag sounds good and simple.
    This would be a good strategery while access to agents via the cloud is still controlled by a key string.
    I would, however, suggest that all task initiation channels are checked and enabled and documented for arguments to be passed to each task so that the Task and local Command can use it. E.g. POST commands and Zapier... (after thought: that probably did not need to be said)
    This arguments functionality would revolutionise your solution with developers and automation specialists integrating your solution. I am one who would be using it in a production implementation right away.

  • @jgodney, yea I'm convinced - TRIGGERcmd should support an optional parameters text field for each command. I'll work on it.

    I'd never heard of Integromat. Now I want to setup an integration for that too.

  • Check this out.

    I opened my commands.json file in Notepad via the API using Postman. I'll publish a new agent version that will support parameters soon.


  • It's ready. Please give it a try. I put some details in this accouncement and this IFTTT article. More to come - like passing parameters from Zapier.

    Thanks for this suggestion - this is really cool. I just setup an IFTTT trigger to display any pictures I add to a Google Photos album.

  • Apologies on posting to such an old thread!
    I'm having trouble getting this to fire via integromat http request.

    Any tips?

    Error getting when adding Header--

    Authorization: [token]

    {"err":"Format is Authorization: Bearer [token]"}

    If I use: Authorization: Bearer [token]

    I get this error--

    Header name must be a valid HTTP Token ["Authorization: Bearer"]

  • Nvm! Figured it out!

  • @Josiah-Richards, if you don't mind, what were you doing wrong at first? I ask because other user's might have the same problem and I could probably improve that API error response.

  • @Russ said in HTTP POST:

    @Josiah-Richards, if you don't mind, what were you doing wrong at first? I ask because other user's might have the same problem and I could probably improve that API error response.

    Not a problem! Basically, when using the HTTP Make a request module in Integromat ― make the header name "Authorization" and the Value MUST include Bearer + [token].


    Name: Authorization
    Value: Bearer 123456789etctoken


  • Thanks @Josiah-Richards, that helps.

    Also BTW, your screenshot didn't work for me because I don't have access to it. You can actually copy/paste a screenshot into your post.

  • @Russ Edited! Thanks!

  • @Josiah-Richards and @jgodney, please be aware, there's an official Integromat integration now.

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