Windows script to prep SD card for Raspberry Pi with TRIGGERcmd agent

  • This script makes it super easy to setup a Raspberry Pi with the TRIGGERcmd agent installed.

    Here's a link to a video showing this process:

    It has these features:

    1. Downloads and copies everything you need to the SD card.
    2. Works with wifi or wired Internet connections.
    3. Comes with commands to open two garage doors - just connect the relay board to the GPIO pins.
    4. Tested on Pi Zero W and Pi 2, but should work on all newer Pi's including the Pi 4.


    1. Insert your SD card into your Windows PC.
    2. Download SD Memory Card Formatter and use it to format your SD card.
    3. Download setup.bat to a folder on your computer and run it.
      It will prompt you for these things:
      The drive letter of your SD card (for example E)
      Your wifi network name (just press enter if you don't want to use wifi)
      Your wifi network password (only if you entered a wifi network name)
      Your pi user password
      Your TRIGGERcmd token
    4. Eject your SD card.
    5. Insert your SD card into the Raspberry Pi.
    6. Optional: Connect your relay to the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.
    7. Power on your Raspberry Pi and wait until it's done setting up.
    8. Log into and test your triggers.

    Then, to modify your commands, you'll need to manually edit the /root/.TRIGGERcmdData/commands.json file with these steps:

    1. Download and install putty
    2. Use putty to ssh to raspberrypi
    3. Log in as pi with the password you set during installation
    4. Run these commands:
    sudo su -
    nano /root/.TRIGGERcmdData/commands.json

    See these photos for how to connect the wires to open two garage doors with your Raspberry Pi.

    Here's a link to the circuit board with 8 relays:

    Github repo for this:

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