Some suggestion about TriggerCMD

  • Hello forum,

    I'm new to TriggerCMD and I love the idea and the product. Here are some suggetions and question based on my one day expericen. I hope this could make triggerCMD better.

    The suggestion is about account, triggerCMD account and forum account is different! If you can combine them be a single account, that will be much easier.

    The problem I have is about PATH. I'm using mac for TriggerCMD and I realized that you can only run commands from /bin. I'm not able to run command that installed from brew or customer scripts I put in /usr/local/bin. I have to copy the execute file to /bin to make it work. Could you add or give users access to modify the PATH for triggerCMD


  • @killwa91, have you tried specifying the full path to your scripts or executables?

    So instead of your command being:

    Make it:


    Also, about the forum having a separate account - I didn't write the forum software. I just installed and configured it, so it would be very difficult to do that integration.

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