Literally no idea what I'm doing

  • I really love this programme and it's exactly what I need, especially the intergration with Alexa/voice assistants.

    However I am stuck on how exactly to add new actions and triggers. I consider myself tech savy enough to figure this out, I just think I need someone to show me the basics of what to click and where to type.

    I feel like a complete moron who is missing something obvious but I really want to use this programme.

    Help me!

  • @ben-noble, you might be missing the fact that when you install the TRIGGERcmd agent, you'll get a new icon in your "tray" in the lower right corner of your screen. You can right-click that to find the GUI Command Editor where you can add and remove commands. I'm assuming you're using Windows?


    When you add commands, they should show up in your account under your computer at

    Please let me know if you got that far.

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