Backup settings

  • Hi. I need to reformat the machine I have TRIGGERcmd installed in. Where does it save its settings so I can back it up? I'd rather not have to recreate all the triggers. Thanks.

  • Good question @strahan.

    All of your triggers are in the commands.json file in the .TRIGGERcmdData subfolder of your user home folder.

    In my case it's C:\Users\russe\.TRIGGERcmdData\commands.json

    Just take a copy of that, and on your new computer, after installing the agent, copy/paste this file to the same place.

  • Thanks!

    PS: The reason I have to rebuild the machine is it was compromised. I implemented IP filters on my firewall so only my cellphone and family systems can access my server. The communications from your service; is there an IP range I can use to whitelist it?

  • @strahan, currently the only IP is The connections are only outbound from your house to that IP over https/443.

  • Thanks. Only outbound? That's curious. So when I use my IFTTT webhook trigger with Alexa to turn my bedroom fan on, it doesn't send a packet to my agent from your system to let it know to activate?

  • @strahan, the connection is made from the agent on your computer to the TRIGGERcmd servers via that IP. That doesn't mean traffic only has to flow in that one direction.

    In that IFTTT scenario, IFTTT sends a web request to the webhook on one of the TRIGGERcmd servers, and the TRIGGERcmd server your agent is connected to tells the agent to trigger the command.

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