Can I change Google Home's default response to Trigger Command skills?

  • When I send a command to Google Home it replies with "OK getting trigger command". I would like it to be completely silent or simply play a short single tone to acknowledge it received the command. Is there a way to do this with trigger command?

  • @meyerdenney Oh the good old days... I don't think so anymore. When I first got my TriggerCMD account the "OK let's get TriggerCMD" was was never said by Google Assistant. In the GUI editor I have most of my replies as just "Boom." Not only did Google add the announcement of the service it is connecting with, the whole reply is now in two voices. "Ok let's get TriggerCMD" in the female british voice I chose and the "boom" must be the default generic guy voice given to Google Assistant by Google I assume. If I'm wrong I would love to be corrected to turn off redundant communication from my Google Assistant. The phrase "talking just because they love to hear themself speak" often comes to mind with the Google Assistant.

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    @tim-s and @meyerdenney, yea I wish they didn't do that. Alexa's doing it now too, so I suspect there's some legal reason for it. I'm guessing it's to let users know this is a third party, not a Google service you're about to hear from.

    I was research this and came across this pretty thorough blog post.

    I learned a few things from it, including that other people are annoyed by the multiple voices issue too:

    "Assistant apps talk back to you in a different voice than the one you're used to hearing from your Google Home. It's jarring at first, but Home will respond with, "Alright, getting X," and another voice will come up and tell you what this particular app/service can do and will continue answering you until you're done with it and want to go back to the regular Home voice and commands..."

    I also found this reddit post from a year ago that says Google Assistant will stop saying, "Alright, getting X" after you've been using X for a while. Unfortunately that hasn't been my experience.

    I also noticed Alexa doesn't always say "Ok here's TRIGGERcmd, ..." For instance if I say, "Alexa, run calculator" she doesn't, so maybe if the command is short enough she doesn't say it.

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