Google Home updated?

  • Hi,

    Quick question that's been bugging me a bit.

    Did Google push an update that has changed the way TCMD operates? I've noticed the voice from TCMD has changed a bit. Additionally, "Hey Google, ask TriggerCMD run X" with a the voice reply set to "(space)" now says "Okay, let's get TriggerCMD" followed by the bing bong sound.

    I've set up about a hundred(+) shortcuts using "ask TriggerCMD run X" which used to just give the bing bong sound without Google talking to me.

    Any insight?


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    @username6 said in Google Home updated?:

    Okay, let's get TriggerCMD

    @username6, I didn't do anything to add "Okay, let's get TriggerCMD" so apparently Google did that. I did some research and it seems there's no way to turn it off. I'm hoping to create a Google Assistant version of this Alexa skill, which wil likely solve this.

  • @russ

    Thanks a lot for the reply.

    It's beyond irritating lol.

  • @username6 I hear ya! It annoys me too. I use to say "hey google, kitchen light on" and hear nothing but the TriggerCMD reply I had set up of "Boom."
    I can't figure out what the added dialog is doing for Google or why it was considered an upgrade to the prior way it was experienced?

  • @tim-s Strange decision for sure.

    Out of curiosity, why are you using TCMD to control lighting? Assuming you have a Z-Wave enabled device with Google Assistant compatibility?

  • @username6 Ever hear of X10? I jumped in back in 2010. Long story short, it is basically RF switches in a way via powerline... Old tech that, thanks to TriggerCMD, can trigger the usb RF transmitter plugged into my Windows PC via Google Assistant. I bought a Google Home about 1 1/2 yrs ago and stumbled across a Youtube demonstration of how to get this old tech working with Google Assistant for the cost of only $10 per year to TriggerCMD. I've been very happy with the result and not having to buy 20 outlets and switches to incorporate them on a more modern tech platform. And all my old RF remotes still work also.

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