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  • Hello!

    Just found TriggerCMD today and loving it! Dove right in trying to automate more of my home systems with it.
    My run into a bit of an issue running WakeonLan from my Mac server (which is always on) to my two more powerful PCs I leave off throughout the day.

    Apologizes for the beginner level nature of this question.
    I have WoL installed via home-brew on Mac and have configured wakes the PCs with wakeonlan macaddress
    I attempted to use the prebuilt Linux WakeonLan command but it does not appear to be passing the arguments to terminal/wake the PC. I've attempted a few methods to instead Open - a Terminal but not exactly sure then how to pass the wakeonlan command over. Entering the command after "Open - a Terminal wakeonlan macaddress" does not seem to open Terminal/wake the PC so assume I missed something.

    Thanks for any and all support!

  • @cmac, I tried waking up my PC from my mac, and I came up with these tips for sending the wakeonlan "magic packet" from a TRIGGERcmd command on a mac:

    First, make sure you've enabled Wake on LAN in the PC's BIOS, like so:
    Wake On Lan BIOS

    Get your PC's network interface's mac address. Google how to do that if you don't know. Also, it has to be a wired connection, not wireless. You probably already knew that, but just in case.

    On the mac, do the brew install wakeonlan command to get it installed, then open a terminal and try it using a command like this:

    wakeonlan c0:7c:d1:a1:89:f8   

    … where c0:7c:d1:a1:89:f8 is the PC nic mac address.

    If that works, you're golden. The next thing is, in the TRIGGERcmd command on the mac, you have to specify the full path to the wakeonlan binary. Brew installs in as /usr/local/bin/wakeonlan.

    So you command field should look like this:

    /usr/local/bin/wakeonlan c0:7c:d1:a1:89:f8

    YMMV. In my case, I couldn't turn my computer on if it was off. I could only wake my PC up from sleep mode.

  • @russ /usr/local/bin/wakeonlan was the ticket.
    Thanks so much for the info, able to make my PCs from my Mac from a full power off now!

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