voice command with blank

  • Hello, I am using triggercmd on my vero. Everything is working fine so far. The only thing I cannot get to work ist using blanks in the voice command.


    this one works when say ing ask triggercmd execute kodi
    {"trigger":"kodi restart","command":"systemctl restart mediacenter","ground":"background","voice":"kodi","allowParams": "false"},

    this one does NOT work when saying ask triggercmd execute kodi restart, echo tells me then the command kodi (first word from command) can not be find. but when saying ask triggercmd execute kodi blank restar it works.
    {"trigger":"kodi restart","command":"systemctl restart mediacenter","ground":"background","voice":"kodi restart","allowParams": "false"},

    Any help would be fine

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    @kaiontour, unfortunately I only have so much control over what Alexa will recognize, which is why I gave the user the flexibility in that voice field to pick something that Alexa will recognize. You could try "restart kodi" instead of "kodi restart" if that works better.

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