Can you feed back information to Alexa

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    Can you feed back information to Alexa?

    For excample I could pick up a value from my linux box and I want Alexa to tell me.

    for excample:

    1. Alexa - what is the Temo
    2. run script which retrieves a sensor value
    3. Alexa tell me the value

    Best regards

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    @snantz, this is the second request for something like this. I've been thinking about how I would implement that.

    I'm thinking I could give an option you could enable on each command to tell Alexa or Google Assistant to wait a few seconds for a response from the computer. If the computer sends a response, then Alexa or Google Assistant would speak the text in the response. I'm thinking the response could be sent with a curl or tcmd command.

    What do you think?

  • @Russ, How would I tell alexa to wait for and out put? Or does it by itself?

  • administrators

    @snantz, I haven't added that voice response feature yet, but when I do, this is how it will work:

    If you put {{result}} in the Voice Reply field of your command (like this), Alexa or Google Assistant will wait up to 5 seconds for a result to be sent from the computer, and include it in the voice response.

    If you upgrade to the latest version of the agent (as of 1/6/19), you'll now find a new sendresult.bat or file depending on your computer's operating system. You can send the result of your triggered script by adding this to the end of it:


    %USERPROFILE%\.TRIGGERcmdData\sendresult.bat "My command result"

    Linux or Mac:

    sh ~\.TRIGGERcmdData\ "My command result"

    Today the sendresult script just logs your result in the command's Runs list, but this is the ground-work for this voice feed back feature you asked for.

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