Default computer not working for my first created trigger

  • I created a command to open executable "TeaTV". I used the voice command "movies" because I couldn't seem to get her to understand TeaTV, not sure if it was a "T TV" vs TeaTV issue or some other confusion.
    But my issue now is that it doesn't recognize my laptop as the default computer for this trigger, like it does the examples, "calculator". Instead I have to say "Alexa, Tell Trigger CMD to open movies on my laptop". I would like to be able to just say "Alexa, Tell trigger CMD to open movies"
    Thank you for any assistance!

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    For some reason I ran into the same problem when I said, "Alexa, tell Trigger CMD to open movies". Alexa identified "movies" as the name of a computer for some reason.

    This phrase worked better: "Alexa, ask Trigger CMD to run movies"

    I'll see if I can "train" Alexa to understand the previous phrase better.

    EDIT: I see I never implemented "to open" with Alexa. I'll look into adding that, but you can only use these for now:

    • to run
    • to trigger
    • run
    • trigger

    EDIT 2: There's something strange about how Alexa handles the word movies, so I'd avoid using it as a voice trigger for your command. I've been trying to tell Alexa to recognize movies as a command and she just won't.

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