TriggerCMD not supported on this device.

  • So this is something that has been happening for a while. I have 2014 & 2016 pioneer stereos in my work van and Explorer. They both have a function I can press to activate Google Assistant. A few months back I was able to activate Assistant via my stereo and say "Return On" which is the routine I made for TriggerCMD to turn on my X10 outside lights and a couple lights inside my home before I came home that had been working great since 12/2017 when I found TriggerCMD. Lately when I do this it responds "TriggerCMD is not supported on this device" thru the stereo. I have the Pixel 2 XL and can give it a squeeze on it's "active edge" in the car holder to activate the Assistant and perform the operation but I was just wondering if anyone knows why it no longer works hands free thru the car stereo anymore? I just got so use to being able to not have to touch my phone to do this I was wonder what happened and why it changed... Is Google trying to force me to upgrade to a car stereo that has Android Auto?

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    @tim-s, your theory seems reasonable. I was sad to find out Google blocks most skills on their watches too. It's frustrating.

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