Can't get things to trigger

  • Hi. I want to be able to lie in bed and say "alexa, trigger fan 15" and have it run a batch that will turn the fan in the bedroom off in fifteen minutes. But just to start simple, I made a batch file that just plays a WAV file so I can test the connectivity. Installed TriggerCMD agent on my pc named "Zaranth". As that's a mouthful and i was afraid Alexa may interpret the weird word oddly, I set voice trigger for that PC to game as it's my gaming rig. I created a command "noisy" that runs \misc\triggercmd\noise.bat. If I hit the green "trigger" button for that command when viewing the list of triggers, it works perfectly.

    So I said "alexa, ask trigger c m d to run noisy on game" (figured I'd make sure it worked native before throwing IFTTT into the mix). No dice. It won't see it, said it cannot find that command. I can't figure out what's wrong. Any idea?

  • @strahan, I see the problem. You need to set your voice field in your command to "noisy". I see that it's blank. You do that in the GUI Editor.

    That's an awesome way to show me the problem by the way!

  • This is a bit late, lol, but thanks. Got that all working now so I can be in bed and say "alexa, trigger windy 15" and have my fan turn on for fifteen minutes only. So nice :) Used to be I could turn it on with Alexa but it would run until I turn it off, so I'd fall asleep and wake up frozen hehe.


  • Thanks @strahan, that is super cool. I love to hear about use cases like that.

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