TRIGGERcmd Zapier integration

  • The Zapier integration allows you to trigger your commands via 1000+ third-party web services like Facebook, Gmail, or YouTube. It also includes a scheduler, so you could schedule your commands to run at certain times.

    Think of it like IFTTT but with more options, like you can have multiple actions, not just one.


    • Zapier account - free or paid
    • TRIGGERcmd account - free or paid


    • Create a Zapier account
    • Create a Zap that links something that happens (like a Facebook post, or an email to your Gmail account) to one of your TRIGGERcmd commands
    • Make that thing happen, and see your command run
    • Profit

    This video shows how it works. Now that the TRIGGERcmd Zapier integration is in beta, you no longer have to use the Invite-only link like the video shows.

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