Possible to copy commands to new computer and not have to re-add to SmartThings?

  • I just installed TriggerCMD on an upgraded computer that controls all of my home audio. I have about 50 different commands already added to SmartThings that used to execute on the old computer. Is there any way to copy all of these commands over to my new computer and not have to re-add everything to SmartThings? I copied the json file no problem so that I have all of the commands on the new computer, but all of the commands show up as new devices on SmartThings. I have the new computer and the old computer named the same.

    Any ideas on how this might be done? Thanks in advance!!!!

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    @dougcolt, unfortunately no - you'll have to re-create those SmartThings virtual switches. The issue is, behind the scenes, the SmartThings integration uses ID's (big long numbers) for the commands, not their names to identify them. When you create a new command on a new computer, it gets a new ID.

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