Possible to change invocation word?

  • I'm sure this question has been posted a thousand times, but I want to be yet another voice to chime this in: saying "Trigger See Em Dee" is a really awkward way to get "the home of the future". I know the developers can set almost whatever invocation they want. Why could it not be "Alexa, tell Computer" or "Alexa, tell PC"? This one change to the TriggerCMD platform would turn me into a paid subscriber. Is there any way we could work on getting a much easier to say invocation? The five syllables of "Trigger CMD" are not phonetically easy for everyone in my household to pronounce.

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    @david-hess, did you know there's also a "Trigger Command" skill? I created that for this reason.

    Amazon (Alexa), Google (Assistant), and Microsoft (Cortana) don't let you pick just anything - I know Computer isn't an option for instance. I haven't tried PC yet, but I doubt they'd allow it.

  • @russ Google really does need to come up with different trigger options tho or at least stop making tv commercials saying "OK Google" setting off my device. You know sooner or later some big biz out there is gonna start making tv commercials with dialog for our home devices to hear that at some point say something like "OK Google. Where is the closest Target?"... or something like that where they get our home smart devices to tell us even more about them beyond the commercial itself.

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    @tim-s, that would be evil. My wife unplugged my Google Home in the family room because the TV triggers it.

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