• Q: Why are some of the triggers I setup on my agent missing from my account at www.triggercmd.com?
    A: The Windows and Linux agents allow foreground and background commands. If you're using one of those, your background commands are probably missing because you haven't installed the Background Service via the tray icon yet.

    Q: I installed the Linux agent, now what?
    A: Now run: triggercmdagent

    Q: If someone got access to my account, could they run any command they want on my computers?
    A: No. They could only trigger commands you've configured on your agents.

    Q: If I don't have X-Windows on my Linux computer, can I still install the agent?
    A: Yes. Without X-Windows, you can still install the daemon to trigger background commands as root. Just run triggercmdagent as root, log it in with the token, then run '/usr/share/triggercmdagent/resources/app/src/installdaemon.sh'.

    Q: My Paypal email address is different from my TRIGGERcmd email address. Can I still subscribe?
    A: Yes. When you click the Paypal button on the Instructions page, your account ID gets sent to Paypal to link the two accounts.

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