How to run remote commands from the command line

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    You can call the API with curl which runs pretty fast, or you can use one of these built-in commands:

    triggercmdagent -t calculator -c office

    Linux in X-Windows:
    triggercmdagent -t calculator -c office

    Linux without X-Windows (SSH):
    node /usr/share/triggercmdagent/resources/app/src/triggercmd -t calculator -c office

    Raspberry Pi:
    node /usr/share/triggercmdagent/app/src/triggercmd -t calculator -c office

    ./ -t calculator -c office

    You can use --trigger instead of -t
    You can use --computer instead of -c
    If your trigger or computer names have spaces, use quotes, for example: triggercmdagent -trigger "reboot now" -computer "office pc"

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