Samsung SmartThings can trigger commands via TRIGGERcmd

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    Now you can run commands by flipping a virtual SmartThings switch.

    I submitted this to be published in the SmartThings app, but in the meantime, use these instructions to set it up.

    You can also watch this video:

    SmartThings is the leading IoT system.

    With this integration you could have your computer play an MP3 saying, "Hey, get out of here!" when your motion sensor detects motion and your SmartThings security system is armed.

    Or you could have it lock your computer when you leave the house, or when your motion sensor stops detecting motion, or when you flip a switch.

    If you want to pass parameters to your commands from SmartThings, I recommend using Stringify like in this example.

    NOTE: If you delete a command from your TRIGGERcmd account before removing it via the TRIGGERcmd Smartthings device handler (under Smartapps), you'll get errors trying to update your list of TRIGGERcmd virtual switches until you delete the virtual switch associated with that command from the Things list.

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