Customize invocation term?

  • I'm guessing this is prevented by Alexa's APIs, but is it possible to change the invocation phrase to something shorter, such as just "trigger"?

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    @meyerdenney, this has been asked before actually.

    The word "trigger" is reserved by IFTTT.

    Also, from Amazon's documentation:

    One-word invocation names are not allowed, unless:

    • The invocation name is unique to your brand/intellectual property, or
    • (German skills only) The invocation name is a compound of two or more words. In this case, the word must form an actual word in the skill's language to ensure that Alexa can recognize it.

  • There's another thread here about setting up IFTTT. Do it.

    Nothing against TriggerCMD's own skill but it's a lot easier to say "Alexa, trigger ___" than it is to say "Alexa, ask TriggerCMD to run ____". I've got almost all my commands set up this way. Once you've got the first IFTTT applet set up, the rest are mostly copy/paste.

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    I like Xander's idea if you have Alexa. If you have a Google Home, you can setup a shortcut and say anything you want, like:

    Hey Google, foobar

    You just have to setup a shortcut called foobar for "ask TRIGGERcmd to run foo on bar" (for example).

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