Enabling Voice Reply on TriggerCMD Smart Home

  • I love the app by the way I just subscribed. I know voice reply is not available for the smart home app. I have a command that I would say to Alexa, "Alexa, switch PC on left projector". It would be nice to have some kind of verbal confirmation (for ADA purposes) from Alexa like "Okay, PC is now showing on left projector" rather than Alexa just saying "okay".

  • @esaltat, if you use one of the original skills called "TRIGGERcmd" or "TRIGGER command" you can use the Voice Reply field to have Alexa say whatever you want. This post shows the GUI editor's voice reply field:


  • Hi Russel,

    I like the SmartHome app because you don't have to say the invocation word "Trigger Command". I have a command that turns on the projector which I only say "Alexa, turn on PC output on left or right projector" and it works amazing.

    In my case, I am creating a solution for a blind teacher that allows him to turn on a projector and other stuff with Alexa. In essence, it works great but he suggested it will greatly help him if there is some kind of a feedback confirmation (voice reply) that the Alexa command was run successfully.

    I know there is a workaround for this, using alexa routine to create a custom response but alexa would still say the word "okay" as confirmation from triggercmd smarthome after the fact. Also in my experience, alexa routines is a hit or miss when you use longer sentences with custom actions, but works perfectly when you only use one word. I wish I could just use voice reply natively on triggercmd smarthome rather than adding an extra layer just to make it work.

    Thank you Russel for triggercmd. This really opens a lot of possibilities, not only for home automation, but also improving the lives of people with disabilities.

  • @esaltat, unfortunately that's a problem I can't solve because Amazon doesn't give developers the ability to change the audible feedback for Smart Home skills.

    Thanks for sharing your use case. That's pretty cool.

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